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Adopting the Best Approach for Dealing with Weapons Crimes

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Criminal Defense

Weapons crimes are capital felonies that should be taken seriously by all Wisconsin residents. Just to remind those who might not know, weapons crimes refer to atrocities arising from the illegal possession of arms irrespective of your intentions or location. In most cases, being convicted of weapons charges can adversely your freedom, let alone your reputation. To aggravate the situation, a harsh penalty awaits you once the jury brands you a criminal. Most felonies revolving around illegal gun possession tend to escalate out of control, hence the need to enforce stiff penalties to perpetrators.

Weapons Crimes lead to grave consequences with murder being the unfortunate fatality to victims. The possession of a weapon during the commission of a felony is widely considered to be a malicious intent to exploit an unsuspecting victim. However, the sentencing of such a convict greatly depends on the following factors necessary in the execution process of the intended crime:

  • The presence and consequent use of a weapon during the assault
  • Extent of injury caused to the victim
  • Status of the injured party
  • Intent of the offender while committing the crime

Once such factors have been tied to the offense, it is just a matter of time before a Judge issues a verdict with severe consequences in most cases. Depending on the exact nature of the crime, a Judge might classify it as a misdemeanor or a capital offense, in the worst case scenario. For misdemeanors, lighter sentences should be enough to rehabilitate offenders while serious felonies would spell an entirely different situation altogether. For instance, a simple robbery crime might command a few months of incarceration or a complete year in the presence of irrefutable evidence. Once arrested, Wisconsin law still presumes you to be innocent until proven guilty. This essentially means you should not divulge any incriminating information that might be used to tie your noose in a literal sense.

Instead, it is advisable to seek an excellent attorney rather than providing a detailed account of what transpired. Just like any other felony, you are still entitled to fight assault charges filed against you.

As a suspect, hiring an experienced Weapons Crimes defense attorney should be a priority when seeking basic legal advice out of the murky situation.

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