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Three Tips for Reducing Conflict in Your Waukesha Divorce

 Posted on April 25, 2022 in Family Law

Waukesha WI Divorce LawyerIn our last blog, we looked at signs that could indicate you may be headed for a high-conflict divorce in Wisconsin. However, even in situations where spouses fought continuously before deciding to get divorced, there are steps that can be taken during the divorce process to reduce conflict. By the time you talk to a divorce attorney, ending your relationship may be inevitable, but a quarrelsome divorce does not have to be. 

Stay Off Social Media

The tendency to share every aspect of our lives on social media might be nice when it comes to pictures of your kids and your home renovations, but airing your dirty laundry when you are in the midst of a divorce is a terrible idea. Not only does it make your friends and family uncomfortable, but it can antagonize relationships with your soon-to-be ex, their family, and your mutual friends. This can lead to further conflict, as your ex may try to document your social media behavior and use it against you during divorce proceedings. Generally speaking, the less social media activity during divorce, the better. 

Communicate Carefully

Placing your children in the middle of your conflict with your spouse can have a seriously detrimental effect on them. Using the kids to communicate often backfires because it prevents you from talking directly and effectively with your spouse. One of the most beneficial strategies you can use to reduce conflict is to have an email account that is intended exclusively for communication related to the divorce. If you must talk to your spouse, do it through the designated email address; this allows you to think before responding, keep records of communication, and avoid in-the-moment escalation that can happen very easily on the phone or by text message. 

Make a Detailed Plan for Custody Trade-Offs 

High-conflict parents frequently engage in arguments during visitation exchanges. Tension can be high, expectations may not be met, and the additional stress of traffic or car issues can make it easy to snap at each other over minor problems. Prevent conflict by making a highly detailed plan for visitation and adhering to it rigidly. The fewer questions arise in the moment, the less opportunity there is for disagreement. 

Talk to a Waukesha Divorce Attorney Today

Divorce is difficult, but intense hostility does not have to be an inevitable part of your divorce. If you are interested in taking steps to reduce conflict in your Wisconsin divorce, schedule a complimentary case review with an experienced Waukesha divorce attorney who can help you take steps to keep the peace throughout the divorce process. Call the offices of Bucher, Wolff & Sonderhouse, LLP today at 262-232-6699


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