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Waukesha County child custody lawyerFew changes have the potential to affect a man like becoming a father for the first time. If you have recently discovered that you are or will be a father, congratulations - now is the time to start thinking about establishing a legal relationship with your child so you can ensure you have the best chance of developing a lifetime of love and support. Wisconsin law recognizes the importance of fathers in the development of a minor child’s health and well-being and encourages fathers to be present in their child’s life whenever possible. To learn more about father’s custodial rights in Wisconsin, read on. 

Establish Paternity

The most important thing you can do when initiating a case for child custody or placement is to establish that you are, in fact, the father of the child. You can do this using a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Parentage when a child is born. If your child’s mother does not cooperate, you can also establish paternity through a court order, often using a DNA test. 

Seek Custody in a Wisconsin Court

When the parents of a child are unmarried, the mother has full custody by default until the custody arrangement is changed by a Wisconsin family court. A father can present a parenting plan to a court in cooperation with the mother or, if she will not cooperate, by himself. The mother will then submit her own parenting plan and a judge will make a decision for the couple or may order them to seek mediation. 


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Pewaukee drug crimes attorneyPublic perception of drug use in America has changed rapidly over the last ten years or so. As more states legalize medical marijuana and even the federal government moves towards treating drug addicts rather than penalizing them, society’s understanding of drug use has relaxed. 

Unfortunately, many states still have harsh laws that are a holdover from America’s infamous “War on Drugs” period. Mandatory minimum sentencing, large fines, and other punitive measures were meant to prevent drug use and distribution. As overdose deaths continue to skyrocket, these measures appear to have failed in their intent and instead have left many lives ruined by impractical punishments. Recognizing this, Wisconsin allows judges to consider deferred prosecution, probation, and other types of alternative sentences to allow citizens charged with drug crimes to properly make amends without completely derailing their lives. 

Pre- and Post-Conviction Diversion

If you have been charged with or convicted of a drug crime, a diversion program may allow you to receive substance abuse treatment services, mental health services, and even job training instead of going to jail. For up to two years, you will have to pass drug tests, go to therapy, perform community service, pay any restitution or fees, or do any other rehabilitative behaviors ordered by the court. 


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Waukesha criminal defense attorneyWhile the criminal justice system in Wisconsin is supposed to be fair and objective, the truth is that it can be difficult to predict exactly what the consequences will be for a specific criminal conviction. Judges often have some discretion when it comes to sentencing, and a previous criminal conviction may impact a judge’s willingness to be generous or forgiving with a defendant. Other factors, like gang involvement or the specific location of a crime, can require a harsher sentence. If you have been charged with criminal conduct, it is important to have a criminal defense attorney help you understand what issues may increase your punishment. 

What Factors Can Increase a Criminal Sentence? 

Before you are sentenced for a crime, you must either take a plea deal or be proven guilty by a jury of your peers. It is essential to have a criminal defense attorney with either option, because an attorney can work out a defense strategy that gets you a better plea bargain or cause the jury to doubt your guilt. 

Once you agree to a plea bargain, or a jury has decided beyond reasonable doubt that you committed a crime, a judge will decide on your sentence and this is where certain aggravating factors become important. For example, theft of retail property worth less than a certain amount may only warrant probation the first time. But, if you are convicted of theft a second time, a judge may decide to send you to jail for up to nine months. 


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shutterstock_258726044.jpgThe internet is a prominent part of our everyday lives. Many people turn to the internet when they have questions, want to purchase something online, or become interested in connecting with other people through various social media platforms. Additionally, with the increase in remote workspaces and work-from-home lifestyles, more and more people are using the internet on a daily basis. 

Unfortunately, some internet users find themselves facing criminal charges for electronic identity theft. If you or a loved one were charged with identity theft or another computer-related crimes, contact an attorney for help.

What is Electronic Identity Theft? 

Electronic identity theft is the act of stealing identifiable information about other people by way of the internet using electronic devices. The term refers to a criminal act in which thieves are able to access personal information, including debit card PINs and Social Security numbers, with the intention of stealing someone’s identity. 


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waukesha family law attorneyWhen parents become interested in the idea of moving elsewhere, they often have a lot to consider before finalizing their decision and relocating. Parents do not only have themselves to think about. They must also consider how moving might impact the lives of their children. 

While this is true for all parents, adults who have a child custody agreement have a few more details to keep in mind when thinking about moving to a new city, town, state, or country. There are often parameters set in place regarding the relocation of parents who share joint custody of their children. 

Today, we are exploring whether or not a parent with joint custody in Wisconsin can legally move when and where they please.


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