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Milwaukee, WI OWI Defense LawyerWhile everyone knows that operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a mistake, many thousands of people have a few too many drinks and then get behind the wheel of their car every year in Wisconsin. The majority of these people, while taking an enormous risk, will make it to their destination safely. Others will get caught in OWI checkpoints, while others will go on to cause serious or even fatal traffic accidents.

Because of the potential life-altering seriousness of OWI accidents, prosecutors are often eager to teach drunk drivers a lesson. If you were just caught driving drunk for the first time (or even driving under the legal limit, in some circumstances), you need to hire an experienced OWI defense attorney who will help you fight the charges.

Penalties for a First-Time OWI Offense

Many people’s first concern after getting arrested for an OWI is whether they will go to jail. For most, the answer is no –– as long as a minor under age 16 was not in the car and no car accidents occurred. 


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Milwaukee Criminal Defense AttorneyGetting caught shoplifting can be scary, especially if you have never dealt with law enforcement before. Many people who purposely or accidentally shoplift small items are not exactly dangerous criminals, and while that is not an excuse for taking something that does not belong to you, you may rightfully feel as though it would be unfair for you to bear the full brunt of the criminal justice system. If you are facing charges for theft in Wisconsin, you may have options for a solid defense, even if it seems you were caught red-handed. 

Possible Defenses Against Criminal Charges of Theft

You may feel as though the police have all the evidence they need to convict you, but they still have to prove you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt - not always an easy feat when you have a great criminal defense attorney on your side. Depending on the circumstances of your case, your attorney may try to base a defense on one of the following options: 

  • Entrapment - When a police officer or other authority figure persuades someone to commit a crime they would not otherwise have committed, this may be considered entrapment. While entrapment is not the same as watching you commit the crime, or even appearing to help you commit the crime, if an officer convinced you to take something and then you get caught, entrapment may be a successful defense. 


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Milwaukee County Criminal Defense AttorneyPeople often wonder whether it will be worth it to try to scrounge up the money to pay bail before a criminal trial. It can be difficult to know how long such a trial could take and whether it makes sense to just bear the time in jail rather than come up with the cash to get out. 

Citizens of Wisconsin accused of crimes by the state have a right to a speedy trial. Your right to a speedy trial only applies once you are arrested or formally charged with a crime. The state is not simply allowed to keep you in jail forever without bringing charges in a criminal trial.

Unfortunately, this does not mean that the criminal justice system moves quickly or that there are no frustrating delays. It can be easy for the government to come up with excuses for why a trial has been delayed and why a victim’s right to a speedy trial has not been violated. With the help of a great criminal defense attorney, however, you can be sure that your case will move through the courts as quickly as possible. 


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Muskego Criminal Defense LawyerAdults who are over 18 but under 21 frequently seek out fake IDs so they can access alcohol and cigarettes. While this may seem like no big deal, the consequences of using a fake ID in Wisconsin can be harsh. Even temporarily borrowing someone else’s ID and representing yourself as the person on the ID, without actually using the ID to buy alcohol, is against the law. If you, your friend, or your child have gotten caught using a fake ID in a Wisconsin bar, grocery store, or restaurant, get help from a criminal defense attorney right away. 

Do Police Care if You Are Using a Fake ID in Wisconsin? 

Wisconsin police definitely care if a minor is caught using a fake ID to access substances that are otherwise forbidden to them. Not only are police concerned with the dangers that alcohol and cigarettes pose to the developing brains of underage adults, but the police need IDs to be reliable so that people can be identified whenever necessary. For example, imagine you were carrying someone else’s ID and something terrible happened to you. Identifying you and contacting your family members could be much more difficult, to say nothing of the confusion and suffering that may be caused by the actual ID holder’s family. 

What Happens if You Get Caught with a Fake ID? 

Getting busted with a fake ID will result in criminal charges and potentially include an arrest. Bouncers or other staff at places serving alcohol will often confiscate an ID that is suspected to be fake and call the police. Because fake ID charges are criminal, they will result in a criminal trial with a jury and prosecution. A conviction can result in fines, jail time, losing your driving privileges, community service, or any combination of these. If you are committing any other crimes when you get caught with a fake ID, such as drinking or driving under the influence, you will also face criminal charges for that. 


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Waukesha, WI Criminal Defense for OWI AttorneyTeenagers are in a thrilling stage of life - faced with all of life’s possibilities and very little notion of practical limitations; they are often under the illusion that they are invincible. Life has a way of soon teaching them that this is not the case, however, and nothing can bring a teen crashing down to reality faster than getting caught driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Operating a vehicle while under the influence, or OWI, is a serious mistake - not only because of the significant legal penalties it carries, but also because of the danger involved. Fortunately, with the help of a great OWI defense attorney, your teen may be able to recover from his mistake. 

What is the Legal Limit for an Underage Driver? 

Until a young adult turns 21, the legally acceptable blood alcohol limit for driving a car or engaging in any other motor vehicle activities is zero. This includes boats, jet skis, snowmobiles, and more. Wisconsin’s “Not a Drop” law prohibits minors from consuming any amount of alcohol and driving. Police may test teen drivers by making them take a breathalyzer, asking them to perform walking or speaking tests, or arresting them and taking them to the police station for blood testing. Refusing to cooperate with the police can lead to further consequences. 

How Much Trouble Can My Kid Get In for an OWI? 

The consequences for your child’s OWI depend on their blood alcohol content, the circumstances of the arrest, and any previous criminal history. If a teen has a BAC of .08 or under, they may only get in trouble for violating the “Not a Drop” law. But a BAC of more than .08 allows teens to be punished with the same OWI consequences as an adult, including fines, jail time, and long-term driver’s license suspension. 


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